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CLOSED Temporarily – Wood Street Surgery

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If you require information on your referral or would like help with booking your appointment to the hospital, please call Central Referral Service on 0300 123 0771 – the service is open Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm.

CRS can check your referral status but please be aware it usually takes 3 days from receipt of your GP referral before your hospital request letter is available and an appointment can be made.

You should receive your letter about arranging your hospital appointment within 2 weeks of being referred by your GP.  The team are unable to help you with x-ray, physiotherapy and Diagnostic referrals.

DNA Letters

In line with the Trust Access Policy patients will be discharged if they fail to attend ONE new appointment or TWO follow up appointment.

The decision to DNA a patient is made by the reviewing clinician, no administrative teams and  will only happen if :

  • The appointment was clearly communicated
  • The patient is not considered vulnerable
  • The patient is not on a 2ww pathway.

If you receive a letter and are unhappy about being discharged, please contact the number on the top of your DNA letter.

The phone number is for the relevant hospital department.


If you have a query about any existing appointment please email:

[email protected]