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Violent or abusive behaviour

On occasions it is sometimes necessary to remove patients from our Practice list.  This can be due to a patient moving out of the practice area or if they become violent and/or use threatening behaviour towards a member of the Practice Team.

If a Patient is removed from the Practice list, this will usually be done in consultation with the patient, firstly informing them of the possibility of removal.  On occasion, however, for instances where the behaviour of the patient is beyond acceptable standards or a patient is persistent in their behaviour we may choose to remove the patient with no formal warning.

If Removal takes place the patient will be informed in writing, along with the appropriate Authority, and given an explanation as to why removal is necessary.

It is a very sad fact that our practice and staff have been the victims of threatening and violent behaviour from patients.  We would like to remind our patients and visitors that Violence against staff working in the NHS is a crime. Individuals behaving in this manner towards staff will be reported to the police and prosecution sought.

We operate a zero tolerance policy on all abuse to our staff – both physical and verbal, (actual or threatened).

Any patient or member of the public found in breach of this policy will be told to leave the premises and advised to find an alternative GP Practice.

Please respect the team that looks after you.